Attracting Light + You Transcript

Attracting Light + You Transcript

Hello and hello! I’m Jessie and this series is all about attracting light. Why stop to watch this video for even 3 minutes of your day? Because if  you want specific blessings, it serves you to understand how light works.

Light is the channel through which ALL blessings flow my friends. It is a qualifier of spiritual titles, blessings, and gifts including your spiritual gifts which expand as your light increases.

One extremely important blessing of attracting light is discernment, knowing who you are, what you’re meant to do, and how to make big decisions in your life. Light is also the very essence of your emotional control and confidence. Emotional control? Confidence? How can you stack a more delicious pancakes than that??  We ALL NEED more emotional control and spiritual confidence, am I right?

Today’s video is on the simple fact that you, your body, your spirit, your soul has the ability to attract light! Crazy! We’re all mega light magnets, without the moths. Amazing!

So, fun fact? Scientists have proven that light literally emanates from our bodies. Scientists have also photographed the light that is constantly changing in our bodies [Choi, Charles Q. Strange! Humans Glow in Visible Light! Accessed online Feb 2022 at] Incredible!

Here’s the scripture of the day: D&C 88:40 Light cleaveth unto light [Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, accessed online Feb 2022 at] . Yep, it does! The more light available inside of you, the more discernment, wisdom, self-control, and confidence you can attract from the Savior who is the source. 

Okay, chew on that for a week and I’ll be back so we can take a deeper dive into understanding light and it’s significant, significant impact on YOUR life.

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