Attracting Light + Fixing Oops! Transcript

Attracting Light + Fixing Oops! Transcript

Hello my beautiful friends, I’m Jessie and this series is all about attracting light. How will this 1 tiny minute benefit you? Look if you want specific blessings, it serves you to understand how light works. Because light is the channel through which ALL blessings flow. It’s the Savior’s fairy dust from heaven. 

Today we’re talking repentance and I didn’t even dare put that word in the title because repentance has a thick, gooey connotation to it, am I right? Kinda  like trudging through mud with boots on? That’s how I use to feel when I heard the word, but hopefully today’s insight will lighten your path:

It’s Alma 34:31 and it might be my favorite scripture (dancing) just because I need it so often, it has become a MANTRA in my house. “If ye will repent and harden not your hearts, immediately shall the great plan of redemption be brought about unto you”. What’s redemption? (regaining possession of something; clearing a debt.) Restoring your light. When you sin, light is lost; but, when you repent, Hallelujah, light is restored immediately my friends. 

I remind myself of that all day and all night! I no longer walk around pouting, telling myself a story about how I’m not a good mom, or wonder when the clouds will part. They don’t part when you repent, they freaking disappear. The blunt truth is, that if you’ve fully repented and are still harboring guilt, shame, or worthlessness, or not “good enough-ness” that it’s a story you made up. Instead, believe the scriptures. Alma says you're  immediately restored. Let that be your story instead!

Okay, practice that one for a week and I’ll be back so we can take a deeper dive into understanding light and its  significant, significant impact on YOUR life.

If you haven’t seen the post on how your body loses light with disobedience, it’s called Attracting Light + Oops! And is linked at the bottom. 

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