Attracting Light + Synonyms Transcript

Attracting Light + Synonyms Transcript

Hello my lovely friends, I’m Jessie and this series is all about attracting light. How does this benefit you? If you want specific blessings, it serves you to understand how light works because light is the channel through which ALL blessings flow. It’s the Savior’s slippery slide from heaven.

Today we’re talking “light” synonyms. I know, don’t groan, you just got PTSD from 8th grade english class, but just trust me. D&C 84:45 is meat my friends and if you’re not into meat it’s like Tofu: For the word of the Lord is truth, and whatsoever is truth is light, and whatsoever is light is Spirit, even the Spirit of Jesus Christ.

Okay, this is a lot of information. However, we can simply simplify it by creating a neat little word diagram here to show you the synonyms: 

Word of the Lord = Truth = Light = Spirit = Spirit of Jesus Christ

Let this simmer: This understanding is KEY to reading the scriptures. Any time you read “Word of the Lord, Truth, Light, Spirit, or Spirit of Jesus Christ” you can substitute or exchange any of these other words in its place! Like tetris… you just gotta flip it or turn it around.

So take our scripture from Attracting Light + You (we’ll link to that blog post at the bottom of this video). The scripture was, “Light cleaveth to Light” And proved that we are light magnets and light is within us, so it can cleave to us. Let’s substitute the word “Truth” D&C 84:45 now says, “Truth cleaveth to truth” and “Spirit of Jesus Christ cleaveth to light” To us. As we attract light we are literally attracting the Spirit of Jesus Christ. That changes things. 

Okay, knaw on that for a week and I’ll be back so we can take a deeper dive into understanding light and it’s significant, significant impact on YOUR life.

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