NEW! Kid Power Words + Scripture Mastery Cards

NEW! Kid Power Words + Scripture Mastery Cards


Kid Power Words + Scripture Mastery Cards

Hey! Let's wire our kids brains INTENTIONALLY. yessssss!

Kid Power Words are easily repeatable sayings of truth and power to combat destructive and misleading stories kids hear throughout their day. Repeated often enough, affirmations rewire the neuron pathways in your brain creating a new belief.

This is true AT ANY AGE.

Coupled with scripture mastery, these daily reviews can wire your child’s brain to create an uplifting story about themselves, their strength, their worth, and their relatability to the scriptures.

A mom couldn’t ask for anything more, am I right, or AM I RIGHT!?

A few fun ways to use these cards:

- Daily reviews during breakfast or before bed
- Hung in a bedroom or bathroom where they can be seen regularly
- Used as bookmarks


  • 20 full color cards for kids
  • 5 full color blank cards for you and your kids to fill out, creating their own affirmation and write down their favorite scriptures
  • Measure 5” x 5”
  • Rounded corners
  • Smooth 16pt cardstock
  • 1 double drawstring cotton muslin bag stamped, "Kid Power Words + Scripture Mastery"
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